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Oleksandr Sienkevych

Mykolayiv city mayor

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Sienkevych said that Denmark and the UN are helping Mykolaiv to prepare for winter: «There are up to five alternative energy projects»

22 April, 2024
After the shelling of the energy industry, 5 alternative energy projects were started in Mykolaiv. The city cooperates with Denmark and the UN.

Sienkevych's advisers and assistant declared an average monthly salary of ₴35,000 in 2023

5 April, 2024
Declarations of advisers and assistants of Oleksandr Sienkevych: salaries, real estate, cars.

A system of automated access to shelters may appear in Mykolaiv — it will respond to an alarm signal

2 April, 2024
Such a project will cost about 5 million hryvnias, the mayor says.

Mayor Sienkevych earned ₴678,000 in 2023, and his wife's income exceeded ₴4 million

1 April, 2024
Declaration of the mayor of Mykolaiv: income, real estate, cryptocurrency, savings. Sienkevych earned 678 thousand hryvnias, his wife bought cryptocurrency.

Mayor Sienkevych on the consequences of the rocket attack on Mykolaiv

7 February, 2024
About 40 houses in the private sector of Mykolaiv were damaged by a rocket strike in the morning of February 7. At least 12 people were injured.

A shortage of public transport drivers in Mykolaiv: the city council invites pensioners to work

31 January, 2024
Due to the lack of public transport drivers in Mykolaiv, local authorities are inviting pensioners to work.

«The cost of water will rise»: a project for a new purification system is being developed in Mykolaiv

31 January, 2024
In Mykolaiv, they plan to replace the water purification system in the taps. Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych announced an increase in its cost in case of system improvement.

The City Council of Mykolaiv issued students diplomas with the coat of arms of the city from the time of the Russian Empire

19 January, 2024
Mykolaiv city council used the coat of arms of the Russian Empire on official documents.

Denmark will provide more than $21 million to Mykolaiv and the region: for the reconstruction, demining and reconstruction of the «agrarka» dormitory

12 January, 2024
Last year, Denmark allocated more than 100 million dollars for the restoration of the region.

A man beat a trolleybus driver in Mykolaiv — the townspeople are asked to help identify the attacker

11 January, 2024
Previously, the man had a fight with another passenger in the transport.