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Mykolaiv city council

Local self-government body in the city of Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv region

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«The whole story is ruined»: the fate of Mykolaiv Lyceum №60

2 April, 2024
The new building of the Mykolaiv Lyceum №60 in Varvarivka will be rebuilt with state funds. The works are planned to be completed by June 2025.

«This was our life»: rebuilding of the Mykolaiv Lyceum №51 destroyed by the Russians

19 February, 2024
Restoration of the Mykolaiv Lyceum №51 after the shelling: a story about the damage, reconstruction and future of the institution. Read on NikVesti.

Ukrainian IT specialist donated ₴300,000 for the repair of a school shelter in the Mykolayiv region

14 February, 2024
He decided to transfer this amount of funds after the «UT-2» podcast with Anna Novosad, the founder of the savED fund.

The «Money for the Armed Forces» activist was not allowed into the Mykolaiv City Hall shelter during the alarm: the case was considered by the court

13 February, 2024
The participants of the action do not agree with the court's decision and want to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

The City Council of Mykolaiv issued students diplomas with the coat of arms of the city from the time of the Russian Empire

19 January, 2024
Mykolaiv city council used the coat of arms of the Russian Empire on official documents.

Mykolaiv became the only Ukrainian city that received new trolleybuses from international organizations last year

7 January, 2024
In total, Ukrainian cities received 52 units of trolleybuses in 2023.

This year, the military received almost 200 certificates for housing in Mykolaiv

28 December, 2023
A total of 199 defenders have received funds for the purchase of their own housing since the beginning of the program year.

Sienkevych was told that a park could be built instead of the abandoned house on Shneierson Street: «If the owners don't put the area in order»

27 December, 2023
This will happen if the owner of the building does not bring its territory to order.

The contractor who won the tender did not complete the repair of the house damaged by shelling before winter

23 December, 2023
In Mykolaiv, the contractor, who was supposed to overhaul one of the high-rise buildings in the Ingul district that was damaged by shelling by the end of December, does not have time to complete the work.

₴64.1 million is planned to be allocated to the Available Water program next year from the budget of Mykolaiv

22 December, 2023
In 2024, it is planned to spend 64.1 million hryvnias from the Mykolaiv budget on the implementation of the Available Water program.