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Vitalii Kim

Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration

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Kim supports the decentralization of heating in Mykolaiv: «Then it will be more difficult for the enemy to disable the system»

27 December, 2023
After the failure of the heating season in Mykolaiv, the head of RMA Vitalii Kim spoke out in favor of switching users of Mykolaiv CHP to alternative heating.

In Ukraine, the payment of pensions and salaries of government employees may be delayed — such a threat was also reported in Mykolaiv RMA

27 December, 2023
Ukraine will have to delay the payment of salaries to civil servants and pensions to millions of its citizens if the EU and the US do not provide financial assistance in early 2024.

Kim plans to improve air defense for Mykolaiv at the expense of local budgets

27 December, 2023
The head of Mykolayiv RMA Vitalii Kim said that part of the region will have additional protection from Russian air targets.

Reconstruction of the water main in Mykolaiv: contractors started work on five sections

27 December, 2023
In Mykolaiv, contractors have already begun the reconstruction of networks in five sections of the water pipeline. The regional state administration assured that the prices were not inflated.

Mykolaiv oblast farmers, whose business suffered due to the explosion of the Kakhovka HPP, received ₴1.5 billion in compensation

27 December, 2023
Agricultural producers of the Mykolayiv region, who suffered losses after flooding due to flooding at the Kakhovka HPP, received compensation from the state in the amount of 1.5 billion hryvnias.

Kim reported that 342 Mykolaiv enterprises were relocated since the beginning of the war: «Economic losses are about pain»

27 December, 2023
Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 342 enterprises have relocated from the territory of the Mykolayiv region.

During the year, ₴140 million was paid to the residents of Mykolaiv Oblast for housing restoration

26 December, 2023
Residents of the Mykolaiv region, whose property was damaged as a result of Russian aggression, were paid 140 million hryvnias within the framework of the «eVidnovlennia» program.

19 out of 20 damaged bridges have already been repaired in the Mykolayiv region

26 December, 2023
In the Mykolayiv region, 19 bridges out of 20 that were damaged by Russian shelling were restored. The latter is currently being repaired.

Kim on wells that were drilled in Mykolaiv

26 December, 2023
In 2023, 132 new wells were drilled in Mykolaiv and 205 new water treatment plants were installed.

Kim answered whether to expect a blackout in the Mykolayiv region this winter

26 December, 2023
Mykolaiv Oblast is equipped with generators and has a power reserve that is three times higher than the electricity needs.