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Vitalii Kim

Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration

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The doctors of the infectious disease hospital in Mykolaiv ask Kim for help with the payment of the salary for January, without which they were left

1 February, 2024
The doctors of the regional center for the treatment of infectious diseases are asking the head of Mykolayiv RMA to help resolve the issue of salary payments for January.

«Live modestly, send money to the Armed Forces,» Kim about Ukrainians who went abroad

15 January, 2024
Vitalii Kim believes that Ukrainians who live abroad and do not pay taxes in Ukraine should live modestly and give money to the Armed Forces.

Kim: There will be no country without mobilization

15 January, 2024
Vitalii Kim spoke about the law on mobilization, evasions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

«If you`re a deviationist, you don`t have the right to live a full life and get high,» Kim told how he sees mobilization in Ukraine

15 January, 2024
Those who try to evade mobilization should stay at home and not get high, says Vitalii Kim.

Denmark will provide more than $21 million to Mykolaiv and the region: for the reconstruction, demining and reconstruction of the «agrarka» dormitory

12 January, 2024
Last year, Denmark allocated more than 100 million dollars for the restoration of the region.

Kim on the need to reconstruct the Zhovtneve Reservoir: The water reserve for Mykolaiv is a matter of safety

29 December, 2023
The Zhovtneve Reservoir in Mykolaiv has not been operational since 2006. Today, the question of restoring its work is of great importance for Mykolaiv, especially in the conditions of problems with water supply due to Russian shelling.

Kim said that by the end of the year, residents of the Mykolaiv region will receive partial compensation for flooded housing

28 December, 2023
By the end of 2023, part of the residents of the Mykolaiv region, who lost their homes due to the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP, will receive compensation from the government for the purchase of new housing.

People's Deputy Chornomorov disagrees with Kim's assessment of the impeachment in Yuzhnoukrainsk: «This is a raider seizure of power in the city»

28 December, 2023
People's Deputy of Ukraine Artem Chornomorov stated that the position of the head of Mykolayiv RMA Vitalii Kim, who called the change of power in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk, legitimate, is politically incorrect.

Kim about the change of the secretary of the Yuzhnoukrainsk City Council was legal

28 December, 2023
The new secretary of the Yuzhnoukrainsk City Council, Denys Kravchenko, was legally registered, according to the head of Mykolayiv RMA Vitalii Kim.

A rehabilitation center will appear in Mykolaiv — business of Kazakhstan will provide up to $14 million for its creation

27 December, 2023
Representatives of Kazakhstan business will finance the construction of a rehabilitation center in Mykolaiv, which will function within the framework of a single capable network.