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Vitalii Kim

Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration

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Police investigate corruption at Mykolaiv regional children's hospital criticized by Zelenskyy

4 December, 2023
Police investigators and prosecutors are investigating a criminal case involving the alleged misappropriation or embezzlement of property on a large scale, involving Oleksandr Plitkin, acting chief physician of the Mykolaiv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, and Iryna Tkachenko, his deputy for medical work.

They want to reconstruct the Zhovtneve Reservoir in Mykolaiv for tens of millions of euros

4 December, 2023
They want to restore the operation of the Zhovtneve Reservoir in Mykolaiv, which has been inactive for 16 years, by carrying out its complete reconstruction.

The issue of water in Mykolaiv. Is it possible to restore the Zhovtneve Reservoir and how will it help the city?

24 November, 2023
The city of Mykolaiv was left without a centralized drinking water supply due to Russian shelling in April 2022. For several months, the city lived without water in networks at all, after that water supply from the Southern Bug River was established. Now, in fact, for a year and a half, the taps of Mykolaiv residents have been flowing with technical water that is not suitable for consumption and cooking.

«It will be possible to restore housing and production faster,» — Kim told why the Koreans want to build a new factory in the Mykolaiv region

17 November, 2023
The factory for the production of steel modules, which the Korean corporation Posco plans to build in the Mykolaiv region, will manufacture structures that will be used for the reconstruction of housing and enterprises.

The State Geological Survey «on a phone call» extended the permit for extracting drinking water for the Mykolaiv Alumina Plant until March

17 November, 2023
The State Geology and Subsoil Service of Ukraine has postponed until March 2024 the decision to suspend the special permit of the «Mykolaiv Alumina Plant» for the use of subsoil, namely for the extraction of artesian water from the Halytsynivka deposit.

Kim gave an example of Ochakiv's bravery: «All city council sessions are offline even during shelling»

17 November, 2023
Vitalii Kim, the head of Mykolayiv RMA, gave an example of the bravery of Ochakiv, who suffers from Russian shelling almost every day, noting that even in such conditions, all sessions of the city council there are held offline.

«Work continues in the areas where there were military operations and on agricultural lands,» — Kim on the state of demining in the Mykolaiv region

16 November, 2023
On the territory of the Mykolayiv region, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service continue the process of demining de-occupied lands. Currently, work continues in the most difficult areas, where hostilities took place.

The Mykolayiv RMA responded to the businessman's statement about corruption in the billion-dollar waterworks repair tender: «The tenders were in accordance with the law»

1 November, 2023
The Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration reacted to the statement of a local businessman, head of the «ViK Technolohii» company Oleksandr Zhak about corruption in the region related to purchases for the reconstruction of a water pipeline.

Damages amount to ₴90 billion: the Mykolayiv RMA spoke about the restoration of damaged objects with the involvement of non-budgetary funds

30 October, 2023
As a result of hostile shelling of the residential, social and energy infrastructure of the Mykolaiv region, losses of 90 billion hryvnias were caused.

«You are doing good to people, and then you are also responsible for it», — Kim told why the military missed about 200 tons of fuel from Mykolaiv Oblast

30 October, 2023
The head of Mykolayiv RMA said that the difference of about 200 tons of fuel for the military arose due to legal issues.